As if being embroiled in a potentially career-damaging political scandal isn't bad enough, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has something new to bother him. Last night, he was mocked by his hero Bruce Springsteen on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'

Appearing on Fallon's NBC show to promote his new album, 'High Hopes,' Springsteen once again dressed up as an earlier version of himself and sang a duet with Fallon (who was similarly costumed). But instead of playing another Neil Young-esque version of a Top 40 hit, the duo performed a rewrite of Springsteen's classic 'Born to Run,' with lyrics relating to the scandal. You can watch it above.

In the parody, the song's characters are stuck in traffic, as a result of the Christie administration's recent decision to close down several lanes of the George Washington Bridge, and desperately need to, as Springsteen puts it, "take a leak." The best line comes in the final verse, when Springsteen sings that Christie's marathon press conference about the scandal was "longer than one of my own damn shows."

The entire episode of 'Late Night' was devoted to Springsteen. He performed two songs from the new album: the title track and 'Heaven's Wall,' with 'Just Like Fire Would' as a web-only exclusive. He also sat down for an interview about the record and fielded questions from fans on Twitter, which resulted in Springsteen uttering the phrase "a huge duck would f--- you up."

Christie is famously an enthusiastic Springsteen fan and, by his own count, has attended more than 130 of his concerts. For his inaugural ball in 2010, he hired a Springsteen tribute band after the real one declined to perform. Springsteen put his political differences behind him during a 2012 telethon for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and hugged Christie, an act that the governor later admitted made him cry.

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