As rumors go, you can take this one with the biggest grain of salt that you can possibly find. But according to Comic Book Resources, the new Bruce Springsteen album, which is apparently in some form of creation, will be called 'Arcade at Night' and released on Nov. 8.

Don’t worry about the fact that there’s been no official word from Bruce or his publicists, something that looks like a press release means that it must be true, right? Well yeah, we agree with this fan, probably not.

But suspending reality for a moment or three, here are the details announced for 'Arcade at Night,' so you can draw your own conclusions.

The “press release” says that Springsteen recorded the new album with “current and former members of the E Street Band,” name checking Steven Van Zandt, David Sancious and Roy Bittan specifically.

It goes on to say that ‘Arcade At Night’ will feature 12 new Springsteen compositions with an additional bonus track, ‘Bigger Than Life,’ written for Clarence Clemons. There’s one major chink in the armor of the press release, which says that Clemons passed away in June 2010, which is obviously incorrect.

Some of the other song titles mentioned include ‘Beneath The Floodgate,’ ‘Dead At Night’ and ‘Times Two.’ Others are fairly pedestrian by the usual Boss standards – sure, Bruce brought us the ultra-ridiculous ‘Queen Of The Supermarket’ on his most recent studio album ‘Working On A Dream,’  but ‘Out Of Tune’ and especially ‘Wake Me Up’ sound more like rejected Nickelback song titles to us than Springsteen tracks.

One thing that you can bank on, is Springsteen’s inclusion on a new CD/DVD compilation celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Bridge School concerts. Bruce’s acoustic rendering of ‘Born In The USA’ will be among the diverse highlights collected for the release, which is due in stores on Oct. 24.

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