Bruce Springsteen’s forthcoming ‘Wrecking Ball’ album is one that, in his words, targets “fat bankers” and “robber barons.’ But if you’ve been waiting for Springsteen to put words down on paper about his own life story, that’s a book that you probably won’t read anytime soon, according to Bruce.

He tells The Daily Mirror that the crowded landscape of rock autobiographies convinced him that now might not be the best time to tell his story.

“I wrote a little bit but I haven’t looked at it in quite a while. But then I look in the paper and see everyone else is writing one. Pete Townshend is writing one, Neil Young has got one coming [so] I thought, f--k it, I’m not going to do one too.”

Springsteen says that his songwriting is “motivated by the issues of the day” and he’s aware that his political statements leave him open for criticism.

“I write carefully, precisely and, I believe, clearly,” Springsteen explains. “If you aren’t listening hard enough maybe you need to look again. I don’t want to cede those feelings to the right side of the street.

He also admits that he knows that personally, he’s got a good life.

“I’m terribly burdened at night when I’m sleeping in my big house – it’s killing me, it’s a rough life, a brutal life,” he jokes. “The rock music life, it’s brutal – don’t let anyone tell you different! No, it’s a blessed life, it lets me have a conversation with my ­audience about things I’m interested in.”

Unfortunately, however, it looks like that conversation won't include a memoir from the Boss anytime soon.

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