Comedian Jim Breuer promised "some pretty heavy names" for his upcoming "hard-rockin' metal" album, and he wasn't kidding — as he revealed during a recent Opie Radio interview, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is one of his guests.

"I'll tell you how freaking awesome this guy is," enthuses Breuer. "The day he's coming, [producer Rob Caggiano] sets up five microphones just in case one dies out. He's got every food imaginable — tea, lozenges, you name it, he's got it. ... He shows up and gets in, and he's telling the story of [former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd] — 'Phil needs some help ... it's not good, Jimmy.' He comes in the studio and we let him listen to the first couple songs ... he says, 'F---, I'm gonna go and have a [cigarette] and readjust.'"

After his smoke, Johnson returned, at which point Breuer and Caggiano told him they were ready for him in the studio whenever he wanted to track his vocals. "He goes, 'F---, I ain't going in there. I wanna do it right here in the f---ing board room. That's where I record," Breuer continues. "And I don't want no headphones; that's f---in' cheatin'. I wanna stand here with a mic like I'm on stage.' And he recorded in the board room with no headphones — just standing there."

And while Breuer, who refers to the set as "hard rock and metal for my generation," wasn't necessarily aiming for laughs with these songs, he definitely relied on his gift for celebrity impressions with the Johnson track, to the extent that he says not even Johnson could tell his voice from Breuer's. (You can hear Breuer's Johnson impression in the video above.)

"At one point it was me, him, the producer and one other guy, and we're listening, and none of us knew who was doing [the lead]," Breuer explains. "I went, 'No, that's … Wait. That's Brian.' And Brian's like, 'No, that's not me. That's Jimmy.' And I'm, like, 'No, Brian. That's definitely you.' And he was like, 'F--- no. I know my f---ing voice. That's f---ing you, Jim.' And then the producer's, like, 'I think it's … No, it's you, Brian … No. F---! Maybe it is Jim.' We had no clue who it was. We had no clue."

Current plans call for Breuer's album to arrive in stores before the end of the year, although there aren't any official details yet. Listen to his Opie Radio appearance below.

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