When he is not fronting one of the biggest rock bands in the world, AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson tends to indulge his passion for cars. This spring, a new series hosted by Johnson, 'Cars That Rock,' will air in the U.K. starting May 8 on Quest, Freeview Channel 38.

As seen in the promotion video above, Johnson is seen tearing down a road in a Ferrari while the narrator says, "To drive a car that rocks, you need someone who knows how to rock."

Johnson is undeniably a great choice: He is a racer, collector and all-around enthusiast when it comes to automobiles, dedicating a website to his passion. He has even written a book - 'Rockers & Rollers' - which speaks of his lifelong love for cars.

In 2011, Johnson competed in a Daytona race to help raise money for children with cancer. Earlier that same year, Johnson vowed he would never stop racing cars and spoke of the parallels between racing and fronting a band:

“You don’t give everything away at the first corner, just as you never give away everything at the start of a show. You have to keep it steady and then you build and build, and you get faster and smoother while building to a crescendo and leaving the crowd wanting more.”

“In both, you have a team of guys who make it all possible. In actuality, the car belongs to the crew; as a driver you are just borrowing it for a while. The main thing is to always stay calm; it is always a challenge when I get into a race car.”

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