What's it like being behind the boards for one of the biggest rock bands on the planet? We went straight to AC/DC producer Brendan O'Brien to find out.

O'Brien, whose lengthy list of credits includes 2008's 'Black Ice' and the new 'Rock or Bust,' sat down with Ultimate Classic Rock for an exclusive interview that takes a look at the inner creative workings of the famously private band.

"They seem remarkably similar," O'Brien said when asked about the length of time it took for 'Rock or Bust' and 'Black Ice' to come together in the studio. "I'm told we got it done a little more quickly this time, but I think we did less songs, actually."

What it all comes down to, in O'Brien's eyes, is the band's approach to making music in the studio. "They both went fairly smoothly. These guys work very hard; there's no slacking," he continued. "They're very workmanlike when it comes to showing up at the studio. They're on time every day, ready to go, so that kind of has a lot to do with it."

For more of the conversation -- including what it's like to watch AC/DC set up in the studio on the first day, and O'Brien's favorite song on 'Rock or Bust' -- check out the complete clip above.

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