Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford is of two minds of Steven Tyler's decision to record a country album. As he says in a new interview, on the one hand, he's rooting for his longtime bandmate. On the other, however, he's unsure of what possible success could spell for Aerosmith's future.

"We're not getting any younger," he told Eddie Trunk. "Yeah, he could have great success with this thing and maybe wanna take it out on the road and do a more extensive tour. But that's Steven. Nothing ever surprises me with him. He's very unpredictable like that sometimes. So we'll see. I hope it's a hit for him. It'll be great for Aerosmith."

He also echoed words he said last month about how Tyler's new solo career has, at least temporarily, put the band in limbo. "[Steven] recently told us he wasn't gonna be available until next fall, when we have a South American tour," he continued. "So, until that point, it's kind of wide open. We're not quite sure… I mean, I know what I'm gonna be doing, and I know what Joe [Perry]'s gonna be doing. But Joey [Kramer] and Tom [Hamilton] are kind of getting left sitting out in the wind there a little bit. So I don't know. We'll see."

For Whitford, those plans involve a second album with Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent fame. The duo released an album, Whitford/St. Holmes in 1981 and reconnected earlier this year to finally create a follow-up. The record is expected out in early 2016.

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