During the early '80s, Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and Ted Nugent singer Derek St. Holmes found themselves at loose ends with their day jobs — and put that extra free time to good use, uniting for 1981's Whitford/St. Holmes LP. Nearly 35 years later, the duo is back together and ready to rock all over again.

ABC News Radio reports that Whitford and St. Holmes renewed their partnership after moving to the same town on the outskirts of Nashville, gradually demoing an album's worth of new songs over a period of years.

"We've been writing songs for probably ... the last couple of years, and doing a lot of playing," Whitford said. "We play around town, around Nashville quite a bit. Yeah, we just decided we gotta do this record. We had so much material, we said, 'Well, we better record this.' It's coming along really good."

As fans can see at the band's new website, the 2015 Whitford/St. Holmes lineup is rounded out by bassist Chopper Anderson and Tesla drummer Troy Lucketta, who Whitford credits with shifting the sessions into high gear. "Once he came on board, we got right in the studio and went to work," he told ABC News Radio. "And it's just coming out great."

Whitford is currently on the road with Aerosmith, but once the band's Blue Army tour wraps, he and St. Holmes intend to take their new band out for a run of dates in the fall, starting with the shows listed below. Current plans call for the new Whitford/St. Holmes album to arrive in early 2016.

Whitford/St. Holmes 2015 Tour Dates
11/12 — Milwaukee, Wis.
11/13 — St. Charles, Ill.
11/18 — New York, N.Y.
11/19 — Ridgefield, Ct.

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