It's the runaways against the fallen angels, the bad medicine-takers against the dirty-talkers. Bon Jovi square off against Poison in the finals of this month's Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.

Every month, one legendary artist or band is honored for their contributions to the genre. And rather than have our two contestants fight it out with Aqua Net at 20 paces this month, the UCR Hall of Fame is 100 percent fan-voted.

To reach the finals, Bon Jovi easily beat Jane's Addiction in the first round, then narrowly squeaked past Guns N' Roses in the semifinals. Poison had a bit of an easier route to this stage, thanks to comfortable victories -- first over Soundgarden and then over Ratt.

So which one will join the other inductees in the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame? You can vote once a day between now and Monday, Dec. 1, at 11:59PM ET. This month’s inductee will be announced on Dec. 2. Be sure to read our official rules.


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