The track listing for Bon Jovi's new "fan album" Burning Bridges has reportedly leaked — along with details that could dispel some of the mystery surrounding the project.

According to sources at Melodic Rock, the 16-track collection compiles outtakes and rarities from the band's recent years, as well as new single "We Don't Run" and a pair of Jon Bon Jovi solo projects: "Beautiful Day," the song he recorded for Finding Neverland: The Musical, and "Start Your Own Revolution," a song he wrote and performed for his commencement address at Rutgers earlier this year.

MR's sources are calling Burning Bridges a "contractual obligation album," which could explain why the record's being put out Aug. 21 while the band is in the studio working on what's been termed a "full-scale release" for early 2016. Burning Bridges is coming out via Republic Records, a division of Universal, the company that owns the Island Def Jam Music Group — which is where the group's original label, Mercury Records, ended up after a series of acquisitions and mergers dating back to the '90s. In other words, Bon Jovi has spent its entire career recording for either Mercury or some arm of a corporation that absorbed it, and perhaps Bridges marks the end of that chapter.

Then again, maybe this is all malarkey, and Burning Bridges will sport a completely different track listing and backstory by the time it arrives next month. Take all this with a grain of salt, but in the meantime, here are the alleged contents of the record, along with the album sessions each track was taken from.

Bon Jovi, 'Burning Bridges' Possible Track Listing

"We Don't Run"
"Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning" (The Circle)
"Mona Lisa" (Bounce)
"Nothing" (Have a Nice Day)
"Who Says You Can't Go Home" (feat. Keith Urban) (Have a Nice Day)
"This Ain't Love" (The Circle)
"State of Our Union" (What About Now)
"Shine" (What About Now)
"Times Like These" (What About Now)
"Beautiful Day" (Finding Neverland)
"Start Your Own Revolution (a.k.a. "Reunion")
"This Is Our House" (Greatest Hits)
"I'm Giving Me to You" (What About Now)
"I'm On My Way" (The Circle)
"Second Chances" (The Circle)
"The Ghost of a Good Thing" (The Circle)

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