Bob Seger might be ready to turn the page – for good. A new video indicates that he's contemplating retirement after one more tour.

A series of archival clips flash by in the clip before the words "One last time" appear. No further information – no tour dates, cities or venues – is shared, except for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's familiar logo, which appears at the end. The video's description simply says: "Rock n Roll Never Forgets ... Stay Tuned." You can watch the clip above.

The video features "Turn the Page," a rock-radio mainstay, which focuses on the ups and downs of the touring life, originally found on 1976's Live Bullet. The song actually dates back to Seger's days with Teegarden and Van Winkle in the early '70s. They'd been on the road all night, traveling out of Seger's native Detroit, when they stopped somewhere in the Midwest to refuel. After a few jokes from the local clientele about their long hair, Seger decided to write "Turn the Page."

He completed the song while still on tour, in a local hotel room; drummer Dave Teegarden later became a member of the Silver Bullet Band. All that was needed to complete this timeless favorite was Alto Reed's lonesome sax, which – as in the original song – opens and closes the new teaser video.

Road manager Tom Weschler said he helped inspire the solo. "Alto, think about it like this: You're in New York City, on the Bowery," Weschler told Reed. "It's 3AM. You're under a streetlamp. There's a light mist coming down. You're all by yourself. Show me what that sounds like."

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