We have the exclusive premiere of the new music video for "Southern Native," the title track of Blackfoot's upcoming studio album. You can check it out above.

Southern Native, which comes out on Friday, is the band's first LP in more than 20 years. Blackfoot now features a completely rebuilt lineup overseen by co-founding member Rickey Medlock, who has gone back to the original spelling of his last name.

“I hand-picked four guys over a period of three or four years,” he told the Herald Courier. “And, finally, last year, I took them in the studio and produced a new record on them, co-wrote half the songs and did some guitar work on it.”

The video finds Tim Rossi, Rick Krasowski, Brian Carpenter and Matt Anastasi gathering around Medlock, who plays the role of a savvy veteran showing them the ropes. When they launch into "Southern Native," it's clear that Blackfoot retain the hard-edged Southern rock sound that defined earlier favorites like "Train, Train," which was written by Medlock's grandfather Shorty.

There's also no mistaking Medlock's pride in how things turned out, as he takes a fiery turn on guitar just before "Southern Native" reaches its thunderous conclusion. "I'm telling you, the record kicks," Medlock told the Lowell Sun. "It's a great record."

Southern Native is available for pre-order now via iTunes and Amazon, even as Blackfoot's tour continues. Medlock confirms he will be making select guest appearances with the band onstage, in between regular gigs with Lynyrd Skynyrd, but he's excited to see where this fresh lineup takes things.

"There is a brand-new generation of younger guys under the name 'Blackfoot,'" Medlock told the Herald Courier. "You have to realize, and people never stop to think about the age process, I’m now 65. The generation that loved Blackfoot is the older generation now. But there are new generations now."

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