Black Sabbath are adding bonus songs to the deluxe edition of their upcoming album '13.' The band recently announced the titles of the three additional songs that will accompany the eight previously announced tracks included on the standard edition of the album, which comes out on June 11.

The three new songs -- 'Methademic,' 'Peace of Mind' and 'Pariah' -- are relatively short compared to the other tracks on '13,' five of which clock in at more than seven minutes each. Running six minutes, 'Methademic' is the longest of the three bonus cuts.

'13' is now available for pre-order on iTunes. If you order either the standard or deluxe editions, you'll be able to download the first single, 'God Is Dead?' immediately. We think 'God Is Dead?,' which was released yesterday, is a bit of a slow-builder. In our review, we note that "at about the six-minute mark, everything goes to hell — in the best way possible."

'13' Track Listing

1. 'End of the Beginning'
2. 'God Is Dead?'
3. 'Loner'
4. 'Zeitgeist'
5. 'Age of Reason'
6. 'Live Forever'
7. 'Damaged Soul'
8. 'Dear Father'

'13' Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

9. 'Methademic'
10. 'Peace of Mind'
11. 'Pariah'

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