The father of the Black Crowes' Chris and Rich Robinson has died. According to a post on the rock band's Facebook page Stan Robinson died on Tuesday afternoon. The band had previously cancelled shows scheduled for yesterday and today (Sept. 11).

"We sadly bid a final farewell to our loving father, Stan Robinson," the post begins. "The man who lived his entire life in Atlanta, Ga left this earthly realm Tuesday afternoon on wings of pure love and with his sons by his side."

The older Robinson was also an accomplished singer who discouraged the brothers from becoming professional musicians. In 1959, Stan Robinson scored a small pop hit with 'Boom-a-Dip-Dip,' but later went into business. However during a 1996 interview with Guitar World Chris Robinson revealed his dad had played the Grand Ole Opry. "Dad said Lester Flatt came up to him one day and said, 'Y'know, boy, you sing real nice.'"

Stan would become a sales rep in the garment industry and later, according to Chris, he started the Atlanta Renegades football (rugby) club. "While he was singin', he was playin' semi-pro football and stuff, too. He's a pretty weird dude."

Chris and Rich are the only children to Stan and Nancy Robinson. Growing up the two opened their record collection to the boys, exposing them to blues, gospel and '60s rock albums. The family would have sing-alongs, but neither Stan or Nancy wanted them to take it further than that.

"I didn't approve," Stan told People in 1991. "It's such a hard-ass life. Once it became apparent they were good at it and determined, we supported them, but we would have rather seen them become doctors or lawyers, of course."

The next scheduled Black Crowes show is Sept. 13 in Telluride, Colo.