Billy Joel hasn't released a studio album of pop music for almost 20 years -- but if you love his older songs and don't already have one of the scores of greatest-hits compilations, you can do a little CD shopping next time you're waiting for a latte at Starbucks.

The coffee giant has created its own disc called 'Billy Joel: Opus Collection.'

The Starbucks Entertainment Opus Collection series has previously released CDs honoring artists like Paul Simon, Bonnie Raitt and John Lennon, and while the songs chosen for the Joel record won't offer anything new to die-hard fans, the 16 tracks do provide a nice sampling of eight of the artist’s Columbia Records releases, from 1973’s landmark 'Piano Man' through 1993’s 'River of Dreams.'

Omitted from the collection is anything from Joel's 1971 debut, 'Cold Spring Harbor,' 1974’s 'Streetlife Serenade,' 1982’s 'The Nylon Curtain,' and 1986’s 'The Bridge,' which is a shame because all of those albums have some great music -- but we're guessing hard choices had to be made. (Seriously, though, they could've left out 'Just the Way You Are' and we'd have been perfectly fine with that.)

A track listing for 'Billy Joel: Opus Collection' is below. The CD is available now at Starbucks stores, but if you're one of those rare people who gets your java jolt elsewhere, you can also order it online.

  1. 'My Life'
  2. 'Travelin’ Prayer'
  3. 'Piano Man'
  4. 'She’s Always a Woman'
  5. 'Vienna'
  6. 'Summer, Highland Falls'
  7. 'An Innocent Man'
  8. 'And So It Goes'
  9. 'Just the Way You Are'
  10. 'Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)'
  11. 'You May Be Right'
  12. 'The Downeaster 'Alexa''
  13. 'New York State of Mind'
  14. 'Honesty'
  15. 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant'
  16. 'Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)'

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