You didn't really think this story was over yet, did you? Another verbal missile has been launched in what's quickly becoming 2015's most tedious rock feud: estranged Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward vs. the band's singer, Ozzy Osbourne.

It all started earlier this week when Ward pretty much demanded an apology on Facebook from his former bandmates for the way he was treated after being left out of Black Sabbath's most recent reunion. He particularly took shots at Osbourne, who claimed that Ward wasn't fit to play on the band's 2013 album, 13, or on its world tour last year.

Then Osbourne fired back at Ward with his own Facebook post yesterday, asking Ward to "stop playing the victim and be honest with yourself." (Osbourne also started his open post with “Wow Bill. What the f— are you on about?" Not exactly an attempt at detente on the singer's part.)

Now Ward is on Facebook again with a rebuttal to Ozzy's rebuttal. Ward even went so far as to number his replies to Osbourne, but midway through he abandons this approach for one that more resembles Osbourne's angry screed. It's basically summed up by, "It’s hard to love someone who thinks he’s telling the truth by making false claims, elitist comments and just plain rude statements."

Ward also throws around some F-bombs, Ozzy-style, especially when addressing his weight, an issue that Osbourne initially blamed for leaving the drummer out of reunion plans. "I’m not going to own a f–ing thing, other than I came into the studio initially overweight to tour, but not overweight to record," he writes. "I was good to record. All of you know how much I put in, especially when I prepare to tour."

You can see his full post below.

Bill addresses Ozzy's Facebook post.1. You never wanted to discuss in a public forum. BUT, you did by making all these...

Posted by Bill Ward on Friday, April 17, 2015

In between all this, Ward gave an interview to Rolling Stone in which he wondered aloud if he was even still a member of Black Sabbath. "I’d probably have to ask my legal department," he said.

At this point, and after Ward's latest open Facebook post to Osbourne, we doubt there's much left to salvage in their relationship. Hopefully, after this, they'll take the private route and work things out without millions of eyes reading their every bitter word. Black Sabbath fans deserve better.

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