We are pleased to present the premiere of 'I'd Rather Go Blind,' the new song from Beth Hart featuring legendary guitarist Jeff Beck.

Hart has worked with an impressive roster of musicians, including Joe Bonamassa and Slash, but as she tells Ultimate Classic Rock, she still gets excited just being in the same room with Beck.

In December of 2012 Hart gave the breakout performance of a lifetime with Beck at the Kennedy Center Honors, performing the Etta James classic 'I'd Rather Go Blind' in tribute to Buddy Guy. The resulting track was so powerful that she's including it as a bonus on her new album 'Bang Bang Boom Boom,' which is slated for release on April 2.

The opportunity came to Hart as a result of her long musical relationship with Beck, of whom she says, "That guy is one of the kindest, humblest dudes in the world. He's just such a team player in every way, and he's very, very real. There's no airs put on in any way."

Still, she admits it's part of her personality to always be nervous, which she overcame for the momentous gig by reminding herself not to miss the special occasion to honor Guy because of her own insecurities. Her performance with Beck was so stunning that it earned them a standing ovation from the VIP crowd, which included President Obama and the First Lady.

"When it was over, I took a huge breath and let it out. I don't even think I saw them. I was just like, 'Oh my god, we're done. It's over!'" she says with a laugh. "And then I looked over and I saw them standing up."

The recognition from that performance has helped Hart to re-ignite her career in the US, which was off to a big start with her 1999 album 'Screamin' For My Supper' before being derailed by a series of personal problems. She has spent years rebuilding her career in Europe, and the release of her new album stateside has resulted in her first headlining tour in the US in more than a decade, which kicks off in Austin on April 30.

Hart can't contain her enthusiasm about the second chance she's getting. "What can I say? I'm really excited about playing the States again," she says. "I'm starving for it." You can learn more about Beth Hart at her official website.

Hear Beth Hart + Jeff Beck Perform 'I'd Rather Go Blind'