Today (March 1) is Roger Daltrey's 68th birthday, so let us all give a collective, "YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!" in tribute to the golden-haired, leather-lunged, microphone-swinging lead singer of the the Who by choosing which of their songs is the best.

Although guitarist and principal songwriter Pete Townshend could deliver a fine lead vocal (see 'I'm One,' 'However Much I Booze' or his many solo hits for proof), Daltrey gave an added dimension to Townshend's brilliant words. One listen to the demos on the recent 'Quadrophenia' box set show just how much they benefited from Daltrey's powerful voice, which was a lot more nuanced than he usually got credit for.

Daltrey was raised in the working-class Acton area of London and apprenticed to be a sheet metal worker. But like many boys in the late-50s, the birth of rock n' roll inspired him to form a band. He hooked up with a classmate who could play bass, John Entwistle, who brought in the younger Townshend, whom he knew from another band. Eventually, they met drummer Keith Moon (in one of rock's most famous stories) and the rest is history.

So which is your favorite Who song? We've thrown in some of their best-known classics and a few obscurities. But since this is Roger's day, we're sticking only with those on which he sang lead. Those of you who love Pete's or John's songs ('My Wife,' 'Boris The Spider,' 'Fiddle About') best will have to find a different favorite for today only.