Need a good playlist of the best running songs for an outdoor jog? Tired of all the cookie-cutter pop you hear when using the treadmill at your local gym? Well, we've got the answer for you. If you want to work out and rock out at the same time, here's Ultimate Classic Rock's list of the 10 Best Running Songs:

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    'Run Through the Jungle'

    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    After stretching out, start your run with this bluesy mid-tempo track off Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1970 disc, 'Cosmo's Factory.' Frontman John Fogerty dispelled the theory that the song was about the Vietnam War when he told the Los Angeles Times that the track dealt with the "proliferation of guns" in the United States.

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    'Run to You'

    Bryan Adams

    When the feeling's right, pick up the pace with this guitar-driven cut from Bryan Adams. The track is one of several hits on the Canadian rocker's multiplatinum 1984 disc, 'Reckless.' After penning the tune for Blue Oyster Cult and later offering it to 38 Special when BOC turned it down, Adams recorded 'Run to You' himself and took it to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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    'Runnin' Down a Dream'

    Tom Petty

    Keep the steady pace going with this song off Tom Petty's blockbuster 1989 solo album, 'Full Moon Fever.' Petty co-wrote the tune with Heartbreakers bandmate Mike Campbell and one of his Traveling Wilburys cohorts, Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne. The cartoon video for the tune featured an animated Petty making his way through an imaginary world.

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    'Run to the Hills'

    Iron Maiden

    After working up a sweat, it's time to break into a sprint with this standout track from Iron Maiden's 1982 disc, 'The Number of the Beast.' As the first single off the album, 'Run to the Hills' introduced the world to the British metal act's new singer, Bruce Dickinson, who replaced Paul Di'Anno. The song deals with the plight of Native Americans in the 1800s.

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    'The Long Run'

    The Eagles

    After a tough sprint, it's time to catch your breath with the Eagles' slow-tempo title track off 1979's 'The Long Run.' Break into a light jog or a brisk walk as Don Henley sings about working through the troubles of a long-term relationship. The song was one of three singles off the No. 1 album to crack the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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    'Band on the Run'

    Paul McCartney

    The slow tempo continues on the first minute of this chart-topping title track off Paul McCartney & Wings' 1973 disc, 'Band on the Run.' You'll have to pick up the pace during the song's poppy midsection, before breaking into a dash for the tune's rocking finale. To lengthen your workout, keep the lively pace going with the Beatles' 'Run for Your Life.'

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    'Take the Money and Run'

    Steve Miller Band

    Before the final sprint, slow down a bit with this mid-tempo cut. The song, a hit from the group's multiplatinum 1976 album 'Fly Like an Eagle,' follows the story of young outlaws Billy Joe and Bobby Sue. After not releasing a studio album for 17 years, Steve Miller Band have returned with 2010's blues-heavy 'Bingo!' and the recently released 'Let Your Hair Down.'

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    'Run Like Hell'

    Pink Floyd

    Build up your momentum with the steady bass line and pounding drumbeat of this song off Pink Floyd's 1979 album, 'The Wall.' The tune's background sounds of skidding cars, laughter and footsteps will add an element of danger to your run. Throw in Roger Waters' chilling verses and David Gilmour's repeating "run, run, run, run" line, and you'll be sure to pick up the pace.

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    'Runnin' With the Devil'

    Van Halen

    After running like hell, it only makes sense that you'd be running with the devil next. Let Eddie Van Halen's powerful guitar riffs and David Lee Roth's soaring vocals help push you into the homestretch of your run. The track is one of the highlights of Van Halen's 1978 self-titled debut album, and also appeared on a 1976 demo produced by Kiss singer-bassist Gene Simmons.

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    'Born to Run'

    Bruce Springsteen

    Now, you need just one more push to reach the finish line. Who better to inspire you than Bruce Springsteen? And what better song to motivate you than his signature anthem? The title track off 1975's 'Born to Run' helped launch the Boss into superstardom, and now its driving melody will help you complete a grueling yet enjoyable run.

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