The holiday shopping frenzy known as 'Black Friday' is almost upon us, and retailers are already announcing insanely low prices to try and get people into their stores. For example, you'll be able to purchase hit-packed albums from Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses and Creedence Clearwater Revival for under three bucks at your local Best Buy.

It's probably a smart move for the store, as many industry experts are predicting this will be the last holiday season before digital downloads render the compact disc a painfully profit-less waste of shelf space. This is also probably the motivation behind the bigger-than-usual selection of fancy CD box sets being released by Pink Floyd, the Who and the Rolling Stones.

But enough of the long-term industry doom and gloom, let's focus on the bonanza of cheap music available for gift-giving. CCR's 'Chronicles' for less than a cup of coffee? Guns N' Roses 'Greatest Hits' for one-third the price of a movie ticket? You could even add in Aerosmith's 'Classics Live,' with that awesome version of 'Train Kept A Rollin'' and STILL not spend ten dollars!

It's a great way to look like a generous gift-giver this holiday season. Provided the recipient doesn't spot that same advertisement, or read this article, that is!

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