Tom Scholz, the mastermind behind FM radio anthem scientists Boston, turns 65 today (March 10). Since we couldn't think of anything else to get him -- a guitar? unlimited studio time? -- we decided to start a UCR family argument instead by trying to figure out which of his/their songs are the best.

Scholz's notorious and unapologetic perfectionist streak means Boston has only released five albums since their self-titled 1976 debut. Which, to paraphrase a pre-turn Dennis Miller joke, is only five more than we've made. And yet it's a good bet that at this very moment, songs from that album and its brothers are blasting out of cars and jukeboxes and iPods more than anything released so far this year.

So now it's up to you to pick the cream of the crop from this already exclusive and much-loved collection of songs. Vote for your favorite Boston song now, and look for them on the road this summer!