Two weeks after Black Sabbath announced their new line of sneakers, the Beatles have unveiled some brand new shoes of their own. But unlike the Sabbath sneaks, which are inspired by four different albums made by the original band lineup, the new Fab shoes grab images solely from the group's 1968 animated movie 'Yellow Submarine.'

The shoes will be released by Vans on March 1 in four designs, all inspired by the movie. According to Rolling Stone, they will retail between $65 and $75, with the most expensive pair featuring illustrations of all four Beatles.

The other three shoes, not high tops like the one sporting the group's faces, will include psychedelic patterns and images based on the tripped-out movie, like the Sea of Monsters and rainbow-legged members. There's also a pair that sports the phrase "All You Need Is Love" all over the front and sides.

It's another big week for Beatles news. In addition to releasing a new box set of the U.S. versions of their albums, the group's two surviving members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, announced that they will be performing together on a TV special that marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' breakthrough stateside performance on 'The Ed Sullivan Shows.'

McCartney and Starr will also be on hand at the Grammys on Sunday, where the Beatles will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award . . . about 45 years after they deserved it.

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