Long before music videos were en vogue, the worlds of music and film collided together in the 1968 animated feature, 'Yellow Submarine,' loosely based on the music from the Beatles album of the same name.

The psychedelic film was recently digitally restored from the original hand-drawn artwork and is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Two exclusive clips (watch below) have surfaced from the release via Rolling Stone showcasing the colorful landscape and extreme detail that the original film portrayed.

The first is a quick trip into the increasingly psychedelic and colorful world of Pepperland, where the 'Fab Four' are projected through the landscape via a chain reaction of sneezes by a group of godheads.

The second clip digs a little more into the creation with commentary from director Heinz Edelmann. It shows a bit of the 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' portion of the film, with Edelman revealing it was gathered from rotoscoped footage from Hollywood archives. He adds, "It was sort of loosely painting directly onto cell. This was not animated at all. In a way this is sort of a biography of the people who worked on it because it is improvised and strangely enough it is a documentary of the '60s."

The restored version of 'Yellow Submarine' is also getting a few film screenings, with Miami's O Cinema hosting it June 14-17 and San Francisco's Castro Theater screening it June 8 and then June 10-12.

Watch the Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' Sneeze Attack


Watch 'Yellow Submarine' Director Heinz Edelmann Discuss the Creation of the Artwork