Singer, songwriter and filmmaker Seth Swirsky began asking people to tell him their stories of the Beatles in 2004. The results will be delivered to DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 2 in a documentary simply titled 'Beatles Stories.' Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, Art Garfunkel and Henry Winkler are just some of the characters he tracked down to share their anecdotes.

In a clip at, Nash talks about being on hand for the first televised broadcast of 'All You Need is Love.' He says he was invited at the last moment, and the entire production had a charming looseness to it, plus everyone was there. Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and more joined the Beatles for the 1967 broadcast, which turned into a party.

"Any excuse to have a party in the Sixties was taken at the drop of a hat," Nash says.

The collection of stories is being released by the Beatles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first single 'Love Me Do.' Swirsky has written songs like 'Tell It to My Heart' by Taylor Dayne, 'Instant Pleasure' by Rufus Wainwright and 'Did You Give Enough Love' by Celine Dion. He's also published three books of letters from baseball players and fans. The New Yorker began a career after Dartmouth College by writing jingles for commercials, like the Thomas's English Muffins jingle. 'Beatles Stories' debuted at theaters in 2011.

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