A YouTuber has uploaded a spoof of the three-minute trailer for the Beatles-themed movie Yesterday. Dubbed YesterSlay, it replaces the Fab Four with the heavy metal costume band GWAR.

In this alternative version, the lyrics to “Hey Jude” are adjusted to include the words, “I crushed you as I would a fly, I killed you and I watched you die.” Instead of “Let It Be,” lead actor Himesh Patel is overdubbed to sing “Let us slay, let us slay, lust for blood won’t go away.” Towards the end of the clip, Ed Sheeran’s arena concert audience is soaked in theatrical blood, as GWAR crowds have come to expect.

“This video will mainly appeal to people familiar with GWAR who have also seen the trailer for the upcoming film Yesterday,” creator Ryan's Shorts says in the video description. “So, about a dozen people.”

You can watch the spoof below, along with the original trailer:

Yesterday was completed with a production budget of $26 million, and has grossed an estimated $63 million worldwide since opening on June 28. That included a better-than-expected opening weekend, which totaled $17 million rather than the $10 million many analysts predicted. The movie also had a positive effect on the Beatles’ chart activity, giving them a 26 percent album sales boost.

Writer Richard Curtis recently revealed that he originally intended all four Beatles to appear in the story, offering suggestions as to what might have happened to them if they hadn’t found fame in the ‘60s. In the end, only John Lennon made the final cut.


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