The Beach Boys, complete with their long-absent resident songwriting genius Brian Wilson, reunited on the stage of the 2012 Grammy Awards to perform their majestic single 'Good Vibrations' following tributes by some of today's biggest indie and pop music stars.

After a fawning introduction by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest – if you love real music this much, buddy, how come we always hear you talking about pop crap so happily? – Maroon 5 performed a pretty good take on the band's 1963 classic "Surfer Girl."

They were quickly outshined by current indie-rock heroes Foster the People, who knocked out an impressive take on the 1966 'Pet Sounds' opener "Wouldn't it be Nice." Bonus points to them for dressing up in vintage attire.

Watch the Beach Boys Reunite at the Grammys

So, after this big build-up, and yet another Seacrest wind-up, could the Beach Boys themselves deliver thrills to match the occasion? Sonically, yeah, although we'll confess to having our doubts about how "live" those trademark vocals really were.

Every note sounded magnificent, and it was great to see Wilson and Mike Love together again, even if in general the band seemed terrified by either the moment or the crowd. We sincerely hope that Wilson enjoys making music in ways that don't register via his facial expression. Because we sure like hearing them perform!

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