After many years apart, Bad Company return with all their chemistry seemingly fully intact on the new DVD 'Live At Wembley.'

The concert film features a scruffy, strong-voiced Paul Rodgers leading the surviving original trio through powerful, unvarnished readings of big hits such as 'Shooting Star' and 'Ready for Love,' as well as lesser know fan-favorite album cuts.

Although Bad Company reportedly initially reunited in 2008 to perform one show in order to legally protect their name -- don't ask us how that works, if we went to law school would we be here? -- they must have gotten along pretty well, because they regrouped again a year later for a series of tour dates across the world.

The band rips right into the opening 'Can't Get Enough' as if in mid-set. Rodgers proves to be an expert at getting the crowd to sing the chorus for him, even though it's clear he's got more than enough pipes to handle it himself.

Guitarist Mick Ralphs is also in fine form throughout, particularly with an extended (but never showy) solo towards the end of 'Burnin' Sky.'

The duo take center stage together for a lovely acoustic reading of 'Seagull,' and later on everybody lines up at the front of the stage for some nice instrumental teamwork on 'Rock and Roll Fantasy.'  This DVD reminds you that Bad Company has a wide collection of great songs, and clearly are still capable of performing them all very well. The performances are tight but never over-polished, and teeming with energy. Great stuff, all around.

(The 'Live at Wembley' concert is also available in CD format.)


Watch Bad Company Perform 'Bad Company' from 'Live at Wembley'

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