The Babys, one of the '70s finest mainstream rock and roll bands, are nearly finished with their first new album since 1980's 'On the Edge.'

The Babys' style was a combination of solid riffs, powerful vocals and a sense of classic British Invasion flair. They've been broken up for over three decades, but now original members guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock have put things back together with all eyes on the road ahead with a new album due out later this year.

Though original vocalist John Waite is not part of the new lineup, he has given his former bandmates his blessings. "John Waite obviously has his own career and didn't want to be part of the new version of the Babys, but he is still supportive, he supports us all the way," drummer Tony Brock recently told Totally Driven Radio, "I speak to him quite a lot. He loves the fact that we're putting this all back together. There's no animosity." It's just Wally and I, we're like brothers. We're lovin' it."

Other former members long ago moved onto other bands, but have also given the new Babys the green light. "I've spoken to Ricky (Phillips), Johnathan Cain and John Waite, they're totally for us doing it, everybody's supportive, it's just that they're in bands that work almost everyday. If they could be part of it they would be, but of course they're in Journey, Styx, and John Waite's got his solo albums. We're just doing it on our own. We've got a brand new singer John Bisaha, he's incredible, and another guitarist called Joey Sykes and between the four of us we're making it happen. It's sounding great."

The band are currently in the studio finishing up work on their as-yet-untitled record, which was recorded using a vintage analog board. "It makes everything sound so warm and punchy," said Brock. "I'm getting the chance to produce it with Jimmy Barnes down in Australia. We're having a great time doing it, in fact we're almost ready to start mixing it... I couldn't be happier." The band plans to tour after the album is released.

"We've just got to make sure this album the best we can do, and hopefully everyone is going to love it."

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