Axl Rose rang in 2016 by poking fun at the Guns N' Roses reunion rumors that have been swirling. Shortly after midnight, he wished his fans on Twitter a Happy New Year by confirming some news that was very important to him.

He wrote, "The only thing I know "confirmed" is my LOVE of Taco Bell! Mmmmm.... Taco Bell!! Happy New Years!!"

Still, if the Guns N' Roses reunion tour happens, its band members will be on the receiving end of a big pay day. A music business writer estimates their take at a minimum of $100 million.

Over at Forbes, Marc Beech ran the numbers on a 30-date tour with the top ticket price being $300 would lead to a gross of about $3 million a night. Then, when you add the combination of "marketing, endorsements, sponsorship, T-shirts and other items," that number gets closer to the nine-figure mark. An article about the tour a few days ago said Guns N' Roses -- with Rose and Slash as the only original members participating -- were looking at 25 concerts with prices in the $250-275 range.

Yesterday (Dec. 31), anonymous sources confirmed to The New York Times that Guns N' Roses will play the Coachella Festival in Indio, Calif., over two weekends next year -- April 15-17 and April 22-24. The lineup, which is also rumored to include a reunion of indie rock's LCD Soundsystem, is expected to be announced Tuesday (Jan. 5.).

Speculation about a Guns N' Roses reunion has been running rampant since last summer, when it was revealed that Slash and Rose had resumed their friendship. Although nothing has been confirmed by the band -- or any source willing to be named -- Rose will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Jan. 6 to talk about the possibility of the reunion.

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