UPDATED: Rolling Stone confirms from several unnamed sources that Axl Rose will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week to discuss the possibility of a Guns N' Roses reunion. However, the sources "declined to reveal the specific nature of his announcement or taping date."

Either Guns N' Roses fans are about to get (most of) the live reunion they've wanted for decades, or we're all watching one of the most elaborate pranks in rock 'n' roll history unfold.

The latest update in the ongoing flurry of reunion rumors posits that key members of the group's classic lineup are poised to play together even sooner than their recently rumored Coachella date — in fact, they could be sharing rock's worst-kept secret as early as next week, with a performance on the late-night ABC talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This scoop comes courtesy of journalist and podcaster Mitch Lafon, who's dropped a series of heavy hints via his social media feeds. On Facebook, he wrote that he'd "highly recommend setting your DVRs" for Kimmel's show next week, later adding that you'd have to be "crazy" not to mark Jan. 6 -- one day after the Coachella lineup is expected to be announced -- on your calendar. On Twitter, Lafon teased, "For those of you that missed 1986 the first time around — have no fear it'll be back in 2016 on so many fronts."

None of this counts as an official confirmation, of course, and by now, GNR fans have seen so many reunion rumors come and go that we hardly need to advise you to take all of it with a heavy grain of salt until we see a real announcement out of the band. On the other hand, you know the old saying about there being fire where there's smoke, and we've definitely seen a ton of smoke lately.

Lafon, for his part, is taking full advantage of the reunion chatter to show off his sense of humor. While we wait for official word about Guns N' Roses' next move, perhaps you'd like to listen to this episode of Lafon's podcast?

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