You can add "Master of Understatement" to Axl Rose's long list of professional achievements. In a new interview the Guns N' Roses front man -- whose penchant for either being late to the stage or canceling gigs altogether has become the stuff of legend -- acknowledges, "I'm not a 'punctual' type of person."

The reclusive rocker gave a rare interview (via email) to Adelaide Now in advance of the group's Australian concerts, and in response to a question about his lateness, he says that he feels much of the perception that has formed about him from his former band mates' public comments about the matter are "predominantly public gamesmanship, strategy and politics on their part," adding that he shouldn't have been on tour when they started on the road in 1991 due to his private circumstances.

The singer goes on to explain in great length that often when he's agreed to tours, there were unrealistic expectations from former agents and managers, adding that tours have also been booked without his consent or prior knowledge.

"All of that said I'm not a 'punctual' type of person, never have been," Rose admits. "I apologize to anyone I've inconvenienced or put out in any way. And for those who've felt they've lost money with any cancellations in the past perhaps you'll find some comfort in that I'm sure I've lost tens of thousands, if not millions, more - especially in the long run. In general I usually don't really go by or live my life by a clock and outside of touring I don't really ask anyone else to. It's not out of lack of respect for anyone or intentional."

The legendary singer adds that his reasons for tardiness have to do with perfectionism, not a lack of work ethic. "I can say I haven't been late because I was watching a sporting event or something equally as ridiculous," he shares. "The reasons have all been in one way or another show-related or having to do with those involved with the show in some fashion. It's just my reality and I try and work on it. It's been getting better with our tours, especially over the last three years."

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