Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has called First Lady Melania Trump "an alleged former hooker," and referred to her U.S. citizenship as an "immigration con," in a new Twitter post.

Never shy about sharing his opinions, Rose has used his Twitter account primarily to weigh in on politics ever since Donald Trump took office. Late last night, he took on the First Lady.

"'Mrs. Trump was more than amply qualified and solidly eligible,' Michael Wildes, an attorney for Melania Trump and her family said to the Post. 'There is no reason to adjudicate her petition publicly when her privacy is so important to her.' No one else has any!" Rose tweeted.

The Washington Post story Rose quotes addresses questions about how the First Lady, a Slovenian model when she began dating Trump, managed to score an EB-1 visa, known as "Einstein visa," allowing her permanent residency in the U.S. In 2001, approximately a million green cards were issued, with those receiving the so-called Einstein visa comprising 3,376 or less than one percent of them, according to the paper.

To qualify for the visa, an immigrant must demonstrate "exceptional ability," meeting at least three out of 10 criteria, which include "evidence of commercial successes in the performing arts, evidence of work displayed at artistic exhibitions and evidence of original contributions to a field."

While "exceptional ability" is a matter of subjective, only those in the top two percent of their field generally qualify, according to the article.

Highlighting his tweet with clown and poop emojis, Rose went on to say, "Some alleged former hooker who got in on some 'trumped up' immigration con somehow deserves privacy cuz it 'means so much to her?' Fuck this clown!!"

He concluded his Twitter session by asking, "Where's this ICE Nazi Homan when you need him?!" -- a reference to Thomas Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rose's Twitter followers responded with a mix of agreement, admiration for his outspokenness, criticism and even questions about his sobriety.


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