The government's ongoing, Nugent-approved shutdown might have scuttled one couple's wedding plans, if not for the intrepid efforts of talk-show host and comedic genius Stephen Colbert.

Colbert was all over the news earlier this month for his decision to officiate the nuptials of a couple who'd planned on being married at the Jefferson Memorial. The ceremony, called 'The 2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century,' took place on the Oct. 3 episode of 'The Colbert Report' (you can watch the complete show here), and for the newlyweds, the highlight of their special day was no doubt being joined together in wedded bliss by an Emmy-winning kingpin of the cable dial. For rock fans, however, the most interesting part of the night might have been the first dance.

Demonstrating the flair for the absurd that's made him such an indispensable commentator during these troubled political times, Colbert reached out to Tony-winning actress and singer Audra McDonald to perform for the dance -- and then asked her to sing Billy Idol's 'White Wedding,' resulting in one of the most thoroughly distinctive renditions that the song has ever been given.

If you're not familiar with McDonald's singing style, suffice it to say she doesn't often dabble in rock; her series of well-received albums, which includes 2013's 'Go Back Home,' focuses more on show tunes and standards. Which isn't to say she didn't absolutely sing the heck out of 'White Wedding,' just that you've probably never heard it like this before, and most likely never will again. Grab your lighter and check it out in the video above. Shotgun!

You Think You Know Billy Idol?

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