Ann Wilson's next solo release is coming together — with a brand new title and at least one new famous name in the liner notes.

As she recently revealed to members of her mailing list, Wilson's collection of covers, previously titled Songs for the Living Vol. 1, will now instead be called Immortal. Like the original title, which reflected a theme of covering cuts originally recorded by "artists who have departed in the last several years," Wilson notes that the album's new name underscores the idea that "the artists have left us, but their expressions live in our hearts for all time."

"The band, engineers, and I have been in and out of the studio working on different aspects of the album for the last couple of months," added Wilson. "We'll have some surprise guests on the record, including Jeff Beck doing some killer guitar! If you haven't already been following us on social media, I'm posting a weekly video about each track on the album on social media. In the weekly series, I speak about why I chose a particular track, how the artist influenced me, and how I portrayed the song for this upcoming album."

The specific details of Beck's involvement remain to be revealed, but it makes perfect sense that he'd join Wilson in the studio — they're scheduled to play with Paul Rodgers this summer across a series of dates they've dubbed the "Stars Align" tour. Check out those dates here, and watch Wilson's latest Immortal behind-the-scenes video — in which she discusses her approach to covering Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" — below.

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