Very few tubes of Alice Cooper’s ‘Whiplash’ mascara are known to exist, so to find a prototype of this 1973 vintage eye makeup for sale is a nightmare come true. It’s a superb discovery until one realizes that the bidding was serious enough to scare $1,825.00 out of a buyer on eBay. An eye-enhancing shade like ‘Billion Dollar Black’ may be tempting but how frightening is it to lay down that kind of cash for 40-year old makeup?

Commercial tubes of ‘Whiplash’ are rare enough so, truth be told, buying or selling on this prototype is a pretty smart endeavor. "Warren," the seller, claims to be the brother of Charlie Carnal, who did lighting for the original Alice Cooper group. Warren also boasted of having some stage blueprints and a 1973 ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ European tour itinerary that he’d be willing to part with, provided he were made the right offer.

“Liberate your eyes with Alice’s own unisex mascara,” reads the original magazine advertisement. ‘Whiplash’ was available by mail order and a stunning image of a long-haired, foil-swathed Cooper was used to promote it. Only the Coop would be thoughtful enough to package his eye paint “with easy action applicator” and provide a personal ‘Dear Alice’ order form. Furthermore, that order form gave his fans three selection boxes for their choice of gender: Male – Female or Other.

Alice says “Whip the one you love – get a tube for your best friend too” and at $2.95 a pop, cheap glam eye makeup never looked so rich – until now.