The Arizona Lottery has announced a new scratch-off ticket featuring Mr. “Welcome to My Nightmare” himself,  Alice Cooper. The Alice Cooper Scratchers ticket will debut Aug. 7 and will run through Halloween, or while supplies last. Top prize on the ticket is $50,000.

Cooper, who joins Willy Wonka as an Arizona scratch-off celebrity, is quite happy to have his likeness rubbed with coins by eager jackpot seekers.

“I used to say you know you’ve made it," Cooper told AZCentral, “...  if you were an answer on Jeopardy. That means you’re general; that means everybody knows who you are. Or if your head was on a Pez dispenser, because a Pez dispenser puts you right up there with Captain Hook and Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse … and now [I'm] on a Lotto ticket.”

Gregg Edgar, executive director of the Arizona Lottery, said, “Alice obviously is an Arizona icon, and he has done so much good in the community in terms of his philanthropy. So, it fit with our overall mission, which is giving back to the state of Arizona."

Cooper credits his acceptance as a mainstream icon to changes he’s made in his life since his wild ‘70s heyday.

"It has a lot to do with [the fact that] I quit drinking,” he noted. “It has a lot to do with becoming Christian. It has a lot to do with my wife and I being married 42 years. There was a lot of security in my life after a certain point – whereas during those days, in the early days, it was just rip and tear. I had no idea if I was going to be alive the next day."

The Alice Cooper Scratchers ticket pays out a total of six $50,000 prizes, with “second-chance” prizes ranging from Cooper memorabilia to VIP tickets and pre-show party access to the his annual Christmas Pudding concert.

Cooper is set to release A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris, a double live album, on Aug. 31.

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