Alex Lifeson revealed that the experience of working with new band Envy of None was part of his decision to auction off most of his guitars.

The former Rush member recently announced the sale of a large collection of instruments, many of which were used in the making of the band's albums. In a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, he explained how his latest musical project gave him a new perspective on life following the demise of the Canadian trio in 2015.

"We could have continued touring," Lifeson said. "I think we were playing great. The last tour, I thought we played really, really well. I thought the show looked fantastic, and you could argue that that's the best way to go out. That's where your legacy is intact, and that's how people remember you."

Lifeson explained that he didn't feel like his career was over, and that Envy of None's natural evolution from experimental songwriting to releasing their debut album was the change he needed. "Coming into this project, and really devoting my time and energy to it, it was a rebirth for me, and now my horizon is sparkling again," he said. "Getting rid of the guitars – I feel like we're getting leaner in our lifestyle, and it just feels like this movement forward."

Lifeson said discussions about a second Envy of None album and a solo record by band vocalist Maiah Wynne have begun. "So there are a lot of opportunities, and I just take them as they come," he added, noting that retirement wasn't for him. "I'd rather be productive, and I'm going to continue working. I'm not going to play Rush songs, I'm not going to try and be what I was when I was 25 years old, or 30 years old. I'm a different person now… I think differently."

Alex Lifeson Guitars Up for Auction

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