Somethings are just meant for each other. The pairing of rock music and alcohol is no exception.

Acts who were turned into legends thanks to their booze-induced ragers are now peddling their own bottles of liquor (we're looking at you, Ozzy). Others have their names on drinking-related accessories even after they have long since stopped their own alcohol use.

Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden have taken the next step in branded alcohol. Both continue to release new flavors and variations of their signature drinks to the point that it has become part of their fandom.

Metallica even has an entire line of stirrers, glasses and more associated with their Blackened Whiskey brand. You have to wonder how often Metallica used a twirly-handled drink stirrer when recording Kill 'Em All.

From limited edition rums to special koozies emblazoned with band logos, there is a glut of options for just about any lover of rock music.

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Here are some of the best alcohol-related gift ideas that we found that were inspired by some of rock's biggest acts. Some of them might even be appreciated by non-alcohol drinkers on your shopping list this year.

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