While Ozzy Osbourne gets to work on the next Black Sabbath LP, his daughter Aimée has her own band's debut EP on the way — and a new single out now.

Osbourne, working under the ARO moniker (pronounced "arrow," and drawn from her initials), leads off her EP's campaign with "Raining Gold," which you can check out via the provocatively apocalyptic video above. As she tells Rolling Stone, both the song and its video impart a deeply personal message.

"The 'Raining Gold' video naturally took on one of the messages behind the song, which is you should never assume anything about someone or a situation just because it looks a certain way on the surface," explained Osbourne. "It's also about coming to the realization that it's a choice to allow someone or something to control you. I've experienced that a lot, from both sides. I think most people have, yet it's one of the loneliest things in the world to feel."

Osbourne, who attracted attention when she refused to participate in her family's wildly popular MTV reality series at the turn of the century, adds that "Raining Gold" is meant to communicate the pain of having your actions misinterpreted and being denied empathy: "I wanted the song to touch on how overwhelming and isolating it feels to be constantly misunderstood and the importance of choosing to break free from that and just believing in yourself. It's so valuable to always try and put yourself in someone else's shoes, I hope this song reminds people of that."

Neither a title nor a release date for the EP are mentioned, although the report notes that live dates are on the horizon for ARO.

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