Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is all too aware that every syllable which leaves his lips is fair game to ignite potential controversy. He aims to bring many topics into very clear focus with his forthcoming autobiography that’s currently in the works.

"If someone in the press puts something out there, it gets magnified, and I have to spend half an interview explaining that sh-t, which is probably why I am writing my autobiography," Perry laments in a new conversation with the Houston Press.

He’ll look to dispel and clarify some of those near-truths and never-was items that have circulated through the years, but he’ll also seek to share the tale of how he achieved his own version of the American dream.

“I would like to show what it's been like being a middle-class, white, suburban kid with no connection to the music and entertainment business to find rock and roll and show where it took me," Perry says. "Hopefully, along the way I can give my point of view when it comes to Aerosmith history.”

The current tour has been a memorable run and there was even some cross-pollination when Cheap Trick pulled Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford onstage for a guest appearance during their set in Boston.

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