Even though Steven Tyler's long-delayed solo album still seems to be a priority, the singer told Billboard that Aerosmith will also start working on a new record soon.

Tyler said once the band's current tour -- which includes dates in the U.S., Japan, South America and Mexico -- wraps, everyone will compose themselves before reconvening. After that, he said, "We're gonna be working on the new Aerosmith record."

That's good news for fans who may have been a bit put off by Tyler's plans for his upcoming solo album. Just a couple weeks ago, he told Rolling Stone that he wanted "to take a little risk" by working with Deadmau5, the EDM hero who wears a giant mouse head during performances.

It's also good news because it appears that the band's recent turbulence may be over. Last year's 'Music From Another Dimension!' album was a step in the right direction. Tyler told Billboard that the album and tour helped get the band back on track.

"We'd just broken up for crazy f---ing reasons, and I went away to get my head straight again," he said, adding that the group's subsequent tour was a career-saver. "It's funny that it took that for the band to realize how important we are to each other ... Somewhere along the line there it got the band happy again, and we thought, 'Holy s---, we gotta do a f---ing record right now!' So, yeah, that tour helped us to a new album."

Tyler and Joe Perry were recently inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Aerosmith have a new DVD documentary coming out on July 23 that chronicles their 2011 tour of Japan. So they're crazy busy right now. Tyler said his solo album -- which may include collaborations with Elton John and Johnny Depp -- is planned for next year.

After that, it's back to the group. "The band's not breaking up," Tyler said. "Me doing a solo record doesn't mean the band isn't working on a record -- but I get that in the press one has to hear that from one lead singer of one Aerosmith."

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