Aerosmith have released a video showing previously feuding members Joe Perry and Steven Tyler picking out gear for the recording of their new album, providing visual evidence that the band is actually working together again.

The clip, shot at Perry's Boneyard studio, largely focuses on the guitarist recounting his attempts to copy Ry Cooder's amplifier set-up to album producer Jack Douglas. "He (Cooder) was really private about it, and kept a blanket over [his gear] at shows," the jut-jawed Perry explains while sorting through his own equipment and detailing how Cooder ultimately revealed at least some of his secrets to him.

At the tail end of this clip, we see Tyler cheerfully pop his head in and grab what looks like a ukelele. So there you have it, the "Toxic Twins" together at work on new music again. As we all know, Perry had been vocal in the press about his dissatisfaction with Tyler's decision to moonlight as an 'American Idol' judge, even suggesting at one point that the band would, could or should replace their flashy singer. (The two had insisted all was well since that time, but it's still good to see it with our own eyes.)

We're glad they've buried the hatchet somewhere else than in each other's backs. That whole singer/lead guitarist battle gets old after a while.

Watch Joe Perry and Steven Tyler at Work on the New Aerosmith Album