Aerosmtih bassist Tom Hamilton says 'Street Jesus,' a new song from the band's upcoming 'Music From Another Dimension' album, has "'Toys in the Attic' kind of energy." Fans can decide for themselves in a new clip that leaked on YouTube recently.

Brad Whitford says in the most recent 'Making of the 'Music From Another Dimension'' episode that he's had the lick that drives 'Street Jesus' for years, and would periodically bring it up. Finally something clicked with Steven Tyler, who found a melody.

"You know it's real important in rock and roll to come up with a real groovy lick and then lay something real smooth over it," Tyler says. Lyrically, the song was going to be called 'Sweet Jesus,' but someone the singer passed by regularly in Los Angeles inspired a change.

"When I would come to work everyday, I would come across Farifax and there would be a guy walking that looked like Jesus," he says. That man (pictured above) likely had no idea he would inspire a song that has become a quick favorite of fans of Aerosmith. Drummer Joey Kramer originally premiered the song on a radio station in Texas in August.

"Street Jesus / Street Jesus / Come on, come on what you think about life / Demon in heaven gotta carry a knife / You said to me, no, that ain’t the plan / With a smile on his face and the holes in his hand," Tyler sings after a bluesy open. From there the rocker takes off -- and rarely rests, except for maybe a solo towards the end.

"A wise man, poor man, beggar man too / You bet your bottom dollar but whatcha gonna do / I can make up daylight jealous of the night / I try to play the game but I never get it right," he then adds.

'Music From Another Dimension' will be available in stores and online on Nov. 6.

Listen to Aerosmith, 'Street Jesus'

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