Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is, as you can imagine, a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, and he's chosen nine of his absolute favorite songs by Britain's bad boys of rock 'n' roll.

In a recent playlist special conducted by Rolling Stone, the singer admits that he was often labeled a Mick Jagger lookalike and/or wanna-be, and that he "f---ing hated it." Still, Tyler adds "I learned from the Stones and from Janis Joplin that it's not about hitting the notes, it's about having style."

Tyler, though he's reinvented himself as a modern day icon as a judge on 'American Idol,' is still old-school rock 'n' roll by the looks of this pick list. One can't help but notice that his most recent selections are from the USA's bicentennial year, 1976. In fact, look closer and you'll notice that though the Rolling Stones have been recording for 48 years Tyler hand picked his treasured favorites from an 11 year period.

Tyler claims that while in his first rehab (after not being sober once in 12 to 15 years) listening to 'Rip This Joint' from his 'Exile On Main Street' cassette was like a contact high. He admits that anything Keith sang on  "killed" him and that 'Something Happened To Me Yesterday' is "so f---ing cool." While songs like 'The Spider And The Fly' inspired him to start writing his own lyrics it was 'She Said Yeah' that closed out his own early (pre-Aerosmith) performances.

Yet, who picks just nine favorite Stones songs? You would think he would've went for an even 10 like many of his peers did for this poll. Perhaps, Tyler really is all about "having style." Clearly, it's one that's totally his own.

Steven Tyler's Rolling Stones Playlist:

01. 'I'm A King Bee' - 1964

02. 'Brown Sugar' - 1971

03. 'Rip This Joint' - 1972

04. 'Get Off Of My Cloud' - 1965

05  'Something Happened To Me Yesterday' - 1967

06. 'Hot Stuff' - 1976

07. 'Memory Motel' - 1976

08. 'The Spider And The Fly' - 1965

09. 'She Said Yeah' - 1965

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