Just two years after the release of 2013's Ultimate Classic Rock Awards DVD of the Year Rock for the Rising Sun, Aerosmith is back with an even better live set entitled Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014.

Available in a variety of formats – including an absolutely gorgeous triple-vinyl, double-gatefold plus DVD packageAerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 captures a 20-song performance from the group's headlining set at the Download Festival, which was also screened at movie theaters across the country this February.

All five members of Aerosmith are in fine form throughout Donington, just as they were on Rising Sun. Without a doubt they belong on the short list of '70s bands who deliver the best concerts nowadays. It's particularly impressive how strong Steven Tyler's voice has remained after all these years. The band also does a good job of representing both their '70s and post-comeback eras, although a slight layer of keyboard glop can be heard clogging their more natural original five-piece chemistry on songs like "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)."

Somewhat surprisingly, the setlists for Rising Sun and Donington only feature nine of the same songs, and those are the heavyweights you'd want to hear each and every night – "Sweet Emotion," "Walk This Way," etc. Ultimately, Donington is more re-watchable because it focuses entirely on the concert, without the documentary segments featured on its predecessor. So even if you already own Rising Sun, it's more than worth adding Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 to your collection.

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