Aerosmith have been holed up in guitarist Joe Perry's home studio The Boneyard and their main studio, Pandora's Box, since July, working diligently on their 14th studio effort. It will be their first album of new material since 2001's 'Just Push Play,' and the band has promised that it won't find them playing nice.

Producer Jack Douglas revealed some details about the long-awaited album, saying it's due out next May. "The new album should be out around May 2012," he said. "I know that's a long wait, but after the South American tour and Japan in October, November and December, we will just get back to work on it in mid-January."

Even more exciting to long-waiting fans, Douglas described the album as "raw, nasty, tough rock with a good deal of the old Aerosmith 'tongue in cheek.'"

A video of a deep-in-thought Steven Tyler was also posted. The "pen-sive" singer and 'American Idol' judge is leaning on the hood of a car, with clouds reflected on the shiny metallic paint. He has a blank, yellow legal pad in front of him and it appears as though he is thinking carefully about what he wants to say. There is a piano playing in the background as he begins to scribble. It makes us very curious about what he's got up his sleeve.

Watch Steven Tyler Writing Lyrics for the New Aerosmith Album