Aerosmith are preparing to release their first studio album in more than ten years in November, but their eager fans can get some early sneak previews inside the recording sessions via a series of online webisodes.

The Boston-based rockers have just released the second of eight planned episodes of the Making of 'Music From Another Dimension,' which shows the band hard at work - and at play.

The musicians have stated that they went back to basics for the new album, and the new clip shows they mean that literally as well as musically. Far from working in some glamorous setting, the band members are sitting around a table working out parts as if they were a young band with their first record deal. Guitarist Brad Whitford explains, "The little conference room allowed us to sit face-to-face and throw ideas back and forth; run through it, make sure we knew the arrangement. It was a really good space to have to kind of culminate all of these ideas."

From the classic sound of the guitar riff in the clip, the group might have actually succeeded in their stated goal of making an old-school Aerosmith record. Whitford attributes that to producer Jack Douglas, who worked with the band on such classic albums as 'Toys in the Attic' and 'Rocks.' The clip shows the musicians goofing around and just generally cutting up between takes, and the guitarist says that was crucial to getting the result they wanted. "Jack always makes everything fun, and when you have fun doing something, it always comes out good."

Aerosmith will release 'Music From Another Dimension' on Nov. 6 through Columbia Records. The group will continue their 'Global Warming' tour with Cheap Trick this fall, beginning in Oklahoma City on Nov. 8 and wrapping up on Dec. 13 in Nashville.

Watch Aerosmith's Making of 'Music From Another Dimension' Episode 2