A newly re-animated Aerosmith appeared to be at peace and in their natural environment during two invigorating performances on the 'American Idol' finale tonight.

First up was a brand new song called 'Legendary Child,' in which singer Steven Tyler raps a la 'Eat the Rich' or 'Walk This Way.' In fact, it sounded a lot like 'Eat the Rich' combined with 'Get a Grip,' which makes perfect sense since the song originally emerged as a demo from the sessions for the 1993 album sharing the latter song's name.

Aerosmith then pulled out the still-scorching 'Walk This Way' itself. Joe Perry rocked the skunk hair a la Rogue from X-Men, and Tyler proved he was still happy to invade the guitarist's personal space while performing those awesome harmonies. His screaming's dulled a bit -- probably from having to be so damn nice to J.Lo all season -- but it's relief to have them back. So... let's go with the new album, guys? Guys?

Watch Aerosmith Perform 'Legendary Child' and 'Walk This Way' on 'American Idol'