What's old (not to mention successful) is new again for Aerosmith. Bassist Tom Hamilton has revealed through an official video message that the band will once again work with producer Jack Douglas, who manned the boards for their essential, mid-'70s albums 'Toys in the Attic' and 'Rocks.' Douglas also produced 'Honkin' On a Bobo,' the band's 2004-issued covers set.

In a video interview, Hamilton referred to Douglas as "the guy who we worked with producing our best albums of the '70s. It's really going to be cool. [There's] no one who knows more about the soul of this band and the creative heart of this band."

Hamilton also has nothing but the fondest of memories of working with Douglas in the past, saying that there is "always laughter going on, and it's fun, but there is digging deep to get performances that were even better than we thought we could do."

No wonder the band is revisiting this relationship!

With 'American Idol' on post-season hiatus, singer Steven Tyler has returned to band mode, and Aerosmith will work on the new platter in the Massachusetts studio they erected in 2004. It will be their first album of brand new material in a decade, following 2001's 'Just Push Play.'

Watch Tom Hamilton Talk About Reuniting With Producer Jack Douglas

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