Aerosmith's 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' is a song about trying to keep the Earth from being blown up. It's a manipulative song; the title/hookline definitely scans like a fake testimonial from someone paid to say how awesome it was when Bruce Willis stopped the mean old asteroid in a circa-1997 Michael Bay ad campaign. In tonight's episode of 'Idol,' the song was performed by Jessica Sanchez.

As 'Idol' Top 3 contestant Jessica Sanchez belted out the track, Steven Tyler looked a lot more comfortable watching someone else sing it than he ever did trying to squeeze out those constipated notes that the chorus vaults up.

So the beauty of American Idol is that a Mariah Carey-tackling 16-year-old living out her dreams is not manipulative. Jessica Sanchez sincerely wanted to knock this Diane Warren-penned doo-doo out of the park, and we can all still wish upon a star and believe in miracles, sniff sniff. Sanchez and her oh-so-tasteful orchestra did as honest a job as they could with a track that was orphaned and raised by wolves.

Tyler gaped like Balloo and Bagheera when they finally brought Mowgli back to his village of fellow humans. In case you missed the performance, it can be described overall as "meh."